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The AOL necklace is perfect for any occasion, from weddings to a girl's night out.

This is a single-strand, non-elastic necklace with a clasp. The AOL necklace is one of Life Beads longer necklaces, averaging 30 inches in circumference (15 inches from the top to the bottom). The paper beads are graduated in size, smaller near the neck and larger at the bottom. The AOL necklace comes in a variety of colors. Remember, each bead on every necklace is lovingly handmade, so colors and sizes may vary. Each bead is dipped in varnish prior to stringing so it holds up well to daily wear and tear.

Pair your AOL necklace with a Daniella necklace for a layered look and don't forget to add a few Joan bracelets to match.

Every purchase benefits women in Northern Uganda who are working to provide for their families. Buy one for yourself or a few for friends. Thank you for your participation in this ministry.

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Arugula Green, Black, Brown, Lilac, Mustard, Olive, Tan, White, Yearling


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