Scovia Chain Necklace


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The Scovia necklace is a delicate piece that adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit. This piece was named for one of our paper cutters and reminds us of her dedication to the work. Like this necklace, she is both beautiful and stylish.

The Scovia necklace measures approximately 16.5 inches drop from top to bottom. The metal chain is a bright gold tone with a clasp at the back of the neckline. The Scovia necklace is primarily metal chain with four delicate paper beads in a teardrop shaped. The Scovia necklace comes in a variety of colors, each uniquely handcrafted. Paper beads are made from individually cut strips of paper, carefully measured and cut with precision by dedicated workers like Scovia. The paper is then tightly rolled and dipped in varnish. Each bead is carefully strung to create a unique design. The independent women who create these pieces are changing the lives and circumstances for their families with these fair-trade jewelry pieces.

Be sure to pair the Scovia necklace with a matching or coordinating color combination in our earrings and bracelets. Remember, you are shopping with a purpose and we are grateful for your support. Every purchase benefits women in Northern Uganda who are working to provide for their families. Buy one for yourself or a few for friends. Thank you for your participation in this ministry.

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